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Frequently Asked

Where do you start when working with with a new customer?

We begin with a 10- to 30-minute phone consultation to learn more about your moving project and to provide advice on the size of the truck, the team size, and the moving services required.

We are pleased to provide an on-site quote for packaging services or projects with unique requirements. We work with you to develop a unique moving plan that meets your needs after you analyze our free quote. To reserve your appointment, all that is needed is a phone call and your contact information.

A customer looking to hire moving services in your area of work,, what advice would you give?

Make sure the moving business you use is qualified for the job, as well as insured and licensed. Our vehicles are fully stocked upon arrival with the best pads and tools necessary to complete any moving assignment. To make sure we have the right tools for the task on the truck that day, we do ask that you indicate any specific products you may have when making your reservation.

Always enquire as to what is included in the cost of the moving services you are hiring and what precautions are taken to guarantee the security of your belongings. We make care to pad, wrap, and protect every item required because we have transparent pricing, which means there are no additional costs.

What is the best question to ask for customers to ask before contacting professional movers about their project?

To better assist us in determining the moving services you most likely require, it is a good idea to assess your moving needs before the initial call. Think about a few things you want to bring up during the consultation to make sure the moving company has all the information necessary to provide an accurate time, material, and special tool estimate.

Consider the following as well:

  • You will need to inform the movers of difficulties (low-hanging branches, steep driveways, short timelines, layover timelines, etc.)
  • Anything unique you might have (piano, safe, pool table, antiques, etc.)
  • How many boxes will you have, roughly?
  • Kind of moving assistance required
  • Will you pack your belongings before moving day, or do you want to acquire a quote for packing your entire home or just a portion of it?
  • Do you want or require the dismantling and reassembly of furniture?

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