Piano Moving Services

We know that piano moving is an excruciating task because it’s a fragile and precious instrument. And for that reason, it’s better to let professionals handle the job.

Two College Movers is at the forefront as the best and most efficient piano movers in the area, so there’s no need to look elsewhere.

Our expert movers have the knowledge and skills to gracefully move different types of pianos. For us, piano moving is an easy task!

Two College Movers provides the piano moving experience you deserve by being reliable, careful, and trustworthy. We treat your instrument like it’s ours! Call us today and work with the best!

Full-Service & Professional Piano Movers In Your Area

Two College Movers offers our clients full-service piano moving for your convenience. Full-service means we disassemble, assemble, transport, and wrap your piano.

As professional piano movers, you can trust that we implement the correct procedures to ensure we protect your piano from damage at all times.

Whether we’re in the process of disassembly, assembly, or loading into the truck, we take special precautions to protect your piano from scrapes and bumps.

These special precautions include padding walls and doors, placing walk boards on the floors, and strapping your piano to a dolly to prevent it from falling.

We also wrap your piano in specialized wrapping and insulation to protect it from your other belongings bumping against it.

Our experts consider all aspects of your piano when moving it to its new location. We account for the make, its current location in your home, and its current state.

We consider all these factors in determining the optimal route for moving it out of your home and into your new home.

Our movers have over 13 years of experience and training to handle all kinds of pianos. Grand, vertical, upright pianos are amongst the many we move daily.